Want to hear a bunch of awe's, wow's, cheers, and laughter?  Play a custom DVD
slideshow at the reception!  Show off the bride and groom's pictures, from infant to
childhood to teenager to the present.  Then let us create a show of the Wedding and
reception, what a great way to remember the event.  

Ok, if you made it to an anniversary of any kind, you need to put it on a Photo Slideshow!
Wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, business anniversaries, any day that
commemorates and/or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year!
Now if your marriage is celebrating the Demisesquicentennial year, you get one on the

Did you just finish that Soccer season? Football?  Baseball?  (Bet you are glad!) Have
some awesome action shots?  Throw them together Coach/Team Mom for memories that
only happen once at your child's age.  Our babies grow up too fast!

Tired of sending out the same old "thank you for my Barbie" Thank You card?  Get one up
on the neighbors and send out a 'Custom Slideshow Thank You card!'  The show would
recap all the fun of the party and cost just a bit more than a jump house (and you don't
have the risk of injuries!)   Heck get both the jump house and the Slideshow, jump now,
watch the show weeks later.

Sure we all don't party like some celebrities, especially those who are heirs to large Hotel
empires but we all like to have fun!  Good times + good friends = good pictures (if
someone remembers the camera).  I smell a Photo Slideshow coming on.

School is one of the most memorable time in our lives.  Studious, Sporty, Slacker,
Popular, you pick it, we'll make it, shows from the sappy tear jerker types to the hilarious
and embarrassing type.

Definitely something to celebrate.  Every retirement party needs a recap of the work life of
Mr/Mrs Worker Bee with all their friends. Oh the Christmas party pictures............

Going Away
This falls in the party/retirement category, not lucky enough to retire yet but lucky
enough to get the heck out and start a new adventure.

Work Functions
Bosses you need this, its evidence you are fun and have provided fun (and yes, on the
company's dime)!

Custom photo slideshow of your loved one's life.
Ideas for Photo Slideshows
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